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Call us now for emergency locksmith services that include 24 hour call outs, lock replacement, house and automobile lockout.

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When security is at stake, locksmith service can become crucial and within an immediate timeframe. There are certain situations where you can't afford to wait for a convenient booking, but are forced to take action right away. Here are two examples of problems that would need to be addressed by an emergency locksmith as soon as possible.Emergency Locksmith

House or Apartment Break In

The first people you will want to call after a burglary or a break in are the local authorities. If your locks to you main doors are destroyed, you will then need contact a reliable local locksmith to come and replace your locks right away. You and your family will not be able to rest until the security of your home is returned to normal. No matter what the damage, our emergency locksmiths will have the capability to install new locks that will be an improvement on your previous ones. It is important to have locks in place so that you can lock the doors, but also to change the keys that grant access to your house. The sooner this is done the better. 

Ignition Key Failure

Keys can snap in the ignition lock, or the ignition barrel itself can malfunction. It can jam or turn without catching making it impossible to start your car. On a day where you have places to be and things to do this can prove extremely disruptive. In this situation you would need either an emergency lock change or repair. One of our specialist car locksmiths will be able to remove a snapped key, repair the ignition lock if it has broken or replace it entirely if need be. We can have you back in your car and able to drive away within moments of arrival.  

Professional Emergency Locksmith 

Call Locksmith North London now for emergency locksmith services. We offer 24 hour call out services and are prepared to arrange visits as promptly as needed. Our emergency services are perfect for car lockouts or ignition lock failure, residential lock replacement and new key cutting.  

Call us as soon as you need a locksmith to arrive right away.  

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