The Applications of Lock Rekeying

The Applications of Lock Rekeying

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Everyone has a basic idea of lock replacement. It involves replacing the entire lockset with a new one. Less often, only the cylinder is replaced. The main alternative to replacement is rekeying. This technique has been around since the first half of the 19th century, but most people are not familiar with it at all. Find out more about it and about the ways in which it is used for restoring the security of properties.The Applications of Lock Rekeying

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The lock rekey process involves the changing of the internal configuration of a locking device. More specifically, the pins inside the cylinder are changed so that the configuration is different. The job is performed with the use of special tools. As a result of the rekeying, the locking device cannot be opened with the old key. A new one which matches the new configuration is provided. Virtually, all modern mortice locks can be rekeyed. This is done for the purpose of extending their useful life.

In general, this technique takes very little time to implement while being completely effective for restoring the previous level of security of the respective door and the entire property. There are two underlying conditions for it to be implemented. Firstly, the locking device must be in good condition. If it has been damaged, lock repair or change will be required. Secondly, the device must meet the minimum standards that are currently in place. If it is very old, the change of the pin configuration may not be sufficient for achieving the required level of security. In this case, replacement will be the better option.

This technique is most often used in case of lost house keys or office keys. The loss naturally poses higher security risk for the property. If the keys get into the wrong hands, the thief will walk through the door without even attempting to use a technique like picking or snapping. That is why immediate rekeying or lock change is required. The latter option is typically preferred when the property owner wants to upgrade to a more advanced locking device that offers a higher level of security. This method can be used in case of break-in repairs for the locking devices on external doors that have not been manipulated by criminals. Again, the property owner can choose to go for upgrading.

Now that you are familiar with this professional locksmith technique you can decide whether you will take advantage of it if the need arises.

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