UPVC Door Locks

Timely repair is essential when UPVC door locks fail to do their job properly. For keeping security optimal, door problems need timely resolution too.

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The role of UPVC door locks should never be underestimated as they present a major barrier to intruders. They should be in perfect operating condition at all times. That is why it is important for any issues affecting them or the doors that they are part of to be resolved timely.

UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

Lock Repairs

When it's hard to turn the key inside the lock or there are strange sounds during locking and unlocking, it is time for repair. It typically involves adjusting internal and external components. Damaged and worn parts are replaced. The lockset is cleaned and then lubricated for smooth performance. When the entire lock has been greatly damaged, extensively worn or extremely outdated, it needs to be replaced. In this case, the property owner has the opportunity to opt for a lock which is stronger, more reliable and more technologically advanced.

Front UPVC Door Problem

Issues can occur not only with the lockset, but with other components of the door. The handle can be loose or damaged. It can be difficult to operate. In such cases, repair should help, but sometimes there is a need for a new handle. Issues with the panels are less common as they are very strong and resistant to the elements. However, the weather stripping can get worn, damaged or detached and cause operation difficulties. It has to be replaced timely.

Door Alignment

Even a door that has been properly installed can get misaligned when there is a problem with the hinges. If they are loose, damaged or broken, the unit will not fit the frame and will not serve its practical purpose. The door adjustment can take place only after the hinges have been fixed or replaced. They are tightened carefully to ensure perfect fitting of the door into the frame.

Our professional company is available to repair and replace all types of locks regardless of their age, design or manufacturer. Count on us to fix and align your door as well. If you have any kind of lock or door problem, call us or reach us online to get reliable assistance from  Locksmith North London.

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